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Danielle and Kaleigha having fun playing in “the Pit” with sandbells!


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Deb using sandbells to change up here workout but keep things functional.


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A smiling Rick who made a great change in his body within 3 months!


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With consistent hard work, Dave has added floor push ups to his program!

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Sisters Alison and Amanda working on their kettlebell swings together!

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yukonsquat 225x300 TCB Photos

Yukon Jack doing a deep 315lb squat. Despite a busy schedule, he makes the time to TCB and it shows!


Sheyanne TCB 300x225 TCB Photos

Sheyanne with a quick smile before she starts flipping tires in “the pit”

Yukon TCB 216x300 TCB Photos

Morning Radio Host Yukon Jack has become a solid, squatting SOB with his efforts at TCB

Gil 2 TCB TCB Photos

Morning Radio Host Gillian Foote used TCB Fitness to make some amazing changes!


Ashley bride 120x300 TCB Photos

Ashley worked hard at TCB to get ready for her wedding.. and it shows!

Shandrie tire 225x300 TCB Photos

Shandrie working her whole body, swinging away on the tire

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Vit resting between sets of trap bar deadlifts

bradyn pic 300x225 TCB Photos

Bradyn engaging his whole body to stay motionless!