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Thank you for considering TCB Fitness to be your partner in achieving your health and fitness goals!

TCB Fitness strives to make each person’s session productive and enjoyable whether it be one-on-one or in a small group setting. We recognize that you work hard for your money and when you are going to invest it in your most valuable asset, YOURSELF, you want to ensure you are making the best choice.  Often time, word of mouth and what others are saying is worth more than any ad. Read on to see what people are saying about TCB Fitness!


“I have been training with Andy at TCB Fitness for quite some time now and have learned as much about myself as a person as I have about exercises. Andy has pushed me to new levels in the gym which has caused me to take a fresh outlook on the world around me. I encourage anybody who is looking for that kickstart to a better life to find TCB and make the call.” -D.M.

“I am very happy with my experience at TCB. The one on one or small group experience keeps me motivated each session. Knowing someone is waiting and expects a full effort really help me get through the work outs.” -B.A.

“If you want one on one training by someone who listens and adapts to you specifically.. Then try out TCB” -T.K.

“Andy provides a motivating and distinctive fitness experience. I am impressed with Andy’s breadth and depth of knowledge of fitness systems, techniques and plans. His ability to apply his experience into my different workouts has resulted in exceptional fitness gains in a condensed periods of time. I would recommend Andy and TCB Fitness to anyone looking for a fitness experience providing variety and noticeable results to keep you energized and moving towards your fitness goals.” -W.F.

“The whole TCB experience has been amazing to date. In just over a month, I went from not being able to push myself off the floor or completing a proper kettlebell swing, to finishing sets of 30 push ups and killing the swing 😛 It was a great feeling being able to see myself get so much stronger, in such little time. Additionally, with an increase in strength there are also body transformations. I am slowly noticing myself becoming leaner with more muscle definition and my jeans are gradually becoming baggy in areas. Becoming stronger and leaner is both great, however, the biggest surprise I have experienced since starting at TCB is how it makes me feel. It doesn’t matter how my day is going, every time I finish a workout, I feel totally stress free and am in a great mood. I workout for an hour each session but it only feels like 10 minutes – as the saying goes “time flies when you are having fun!” I absolutely love working out at TCB with Andy as my trainer, and I look forward to many more months of progress, change and accomplishments 🙂 ” -A.W.

“TCB Fitness is the IDEAL place to train since it offers privacy, convenience, and my trainer Andy is unbelievable. His knowledge base and friendly demeanour makes working out enjoyable.” -S.L.

“Very happy with my experience at TCB. I have learned a ton, gained muscle and it is so gratifying to be able to achieve something that I couldn’t do the week before or months before. Working towards being able to do full push-ups – looking forward to meeting that goal.” -A.P.

“I was never a gym guy but when I started at TCB to prepare for Recruit Training, I got the ass kickin I’m looking for and it was good the results were awesome. Andy is one of the top notch trainer in Edmonton the way he encourages clients is unbelievable… Keep it up TCB… I will be back for some more ass kickin…”  – M.C.

“I was searching for a “different” personal trainer when I came across Andy.  I was looking for someone who was not interested in the standard, boring and repetitive workouts that typically accompany the usual larger chain gyms and trainers who take a 6 month personal training course.  Andy was a perfect fit….his background, knowledge, passion and fantastic personality was exactly what I was looking for.  Having a previous athletic background I was wanting someone who could change up my workouts to my current lifestyle and needs….I’m not 20 years old anymore and my wants from a workout program have changed dramatically.  In explaining what I was wanting out of my workouts and my ultimate end results, Andy immediately started me down the right path and never wavered.  He researched exercises that would be a great fit for what I was wanting and added his own spin on them to get the best results.

His continuing education about his training tools shows that he is genuinely interested in what he does and wants the best for his clients.  Andy introduced me to an entirely new world of workouts including Kettlebells, Vipr bars, sandbells and a lot of traditional exercises that are usually forgotten like push-ups.  The end result for me was nothing short of amazing and exceeded even my own expectations.  Andy’s facility is also perfect, it is small and private which is a nice change from the large chain gyms.  The facility is the perfect combination of old school Rocky movies gyms mixed with modern technologies and workout tools.

If you are looking for a personal trainer that truly loves what he does and takes a genuine interest in his clients and their results, I highly recommend Andy Lewis.  I am looking forward to many more workouts with him and can’t wait to see where things go from here. TCB!” -R.R.

“Andy listens to his clients and builds a workout based on their needs, that’s what makes a trainer good. Then he knows just how to go about ENCOURAGING you to push yourself without you even realizing you’re doing it.” -L.A.

Working with a trainer can be intimidating, but Andy makes the entire experience so easy. From the first consultation, to each and every workout, Andy makes things challenging but you know he has your best interest at heart. TCB has a variety of equipment, so your workout is never the same. I believe this is so important because variety and motivation is the key to continued success. I would recommend TCB to any of my family and friends. I will definitely keep seeing TCB and I look forward to seeing even more results.” -R.W.



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