I did not see this day happening like this, now, but it is with very mixed feelings I announce that TCB Fitness will be closing its doors after today.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control and some city permit issues, the studio had to either move or shut down operations. I was unable to secure an ideal location in a relatively short amount of time. In what I have been calling a “perfect storm” of happenings, I accepted a management role at the brand new LA Fitness here in the west end, the first of many of this great fitness chain to enter western Canada. If you work or live in the area, I highly recommend coming down to check it out.

To all the “Team TCB” members, from the “Originals” to those that started a few months ago, saying the words thank you is truly not enough. I have always been honored, flattered and grateful for the privilege to positively affect your lives whether it be through, exercise, “therapy” or simply laughter. One of my main goals with TCB Fitness was “Taking Care of Bodies”. It was not just the physical sense, but mental and emotional too. The ability to show people that they can improve, that a positive thought process CAN make a difference and that picking up, putting down, pulling, pushing, swinging, pressing, just moving can be fun and has been very rewarding. I hope though, that all the people whose lives I have positively changed also realize, in their own way they have helped positively changed mine.

It would take a while to list off the people I want to thank who have helped TCB Fitness along the way, chances are if you are reading this note and are thinking, “I helped TCB Fitness and Andy”, you probably did, so for that, I thank you.

TCB Fitness is not dead. With the weather today, perhaps it is best to say it is in hibernation. Similar to what I have said to everybody as they have had their last TCB sessions over the past few days, this is not good bye; it is just see you in LA.

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