TCB FITNESS: Stronger Mind = Stronger YOU!

This newest blog is a guest post courtesy of Zach Even-Esh, author of  ‘The Encyclopedia of
Underground Strength and Conditioning’.  It is a short post but definitely makes a point on how important your mind and thought processes are as it relates to your mental, emotional and physical strength, especially as it relates to training.


There is something powerful about training when you go
against the “norms” of perfect program design and perfectly
organized, scientific workouts.

Strength does not begin with the muscles, it begins in the mind.
I learned this long ago, as a high school teenager who was
guided by the wrong methods.

I looked strong, but I was not strong. I was not strong physically
or mentally. I broke down when I felt someone else impose their
will on me as a high school wrestler. I broke down when I felt
my muscles fatigue and lock up on me.

I would hear my inner voice, time and again, questioning WHY
am I feeling so tired and weak when I work so hard?

I followed the rules. I followed the perfect workouts. Workouts
that built beach muscles instead of muscles that could perform
in the real world.

Only later on in life did I begin to understand that strength is
controlled by the mind, first and foremost. My mind began to
crave the challenges rather than stray from them.

I began deadlifting on an almost daily basis as I left a barbell in
my garage, loaded to 275 or 325 lbs. I would hit a few reps a few
times a day, almost every day.

I wanted to be strong without having excuses such as:

* Let me warm up first

* It’s not leg day

* I didn’t eat today

These were all excuses I used to come up with because I read
too many articles about the perfect training routine.

I truly realized the importance of NO excuses and living a
strong life when a major Hurricane hit my home town and
the entire state of NJ. The power was out for 2 weeks and
I found myself multiple times throughout the day and night
deadlifting and carrying a gas filled generator, well over 200 lbs
but it feels more like 400 due to the awkward nature.

I would carry the generator in and out of the garage at 11pm, 3am
and 6am. I would wake up and walk out side and get to work. I
wasn’t in the perfect world, able to warm up and get psyched for the “lift”.

My family needed a warm house and they relied on me to be
strong enough and tough enough, both physically and mentally, to
carry heavy objects and do whatever was necessary to take
care of them.

When you train to be strong don’t just train to be strong under
a barbell, train to be STRONG in LIFE!


Andy Lewis is a Certified Fitness Professional who owns and operates TCB Fitness.


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