TCB FITNESS: How To Keep Active During Your Vacation

I’m writing this right now sitting on a balcony overlooking Lake Okanagan on a beautiful morning in Kelowna, British Columbia. Am I giving you this seemingly useless information to brag or make your day more blah? Absolutely not! I am setting the scene so you can appreciate what has already been accomplished today while on holidays.

In the few hours we have been up already, my mother-in-law went for an hour long jog, my wife with our infant daughter in stroller went for a 45 minute walk, my father-in-law is out golfing and of course I already hit the gym for an hour’s worth of kettlebell work.

What all this activity shows is that, while on holidays, if you plan for and execute properly, you can keep active, maintain your exercise program and minimize the potential “collateral damage”.

Here are FOUR thoughts and tips on how to set yourself for fitness holiday success:

Plan for it. Similar to other activities you plan for during your vacation, activity and exercise should be no different.
Know what you are going to do and where you are going to do it. Personally, I’m a gym guy, so whenever I travel I look up gyms ahead of time nearby to where I will be. I research hours, cost and what they have available. God bless the Internet and google.
Decide on your time and be greedy about it. This step ties into planning. Figure out when you can make it work and DO IT. I get up early, “get ‘er done “, then have the rest of the day for whatever the day holds.
Do not beat yourself up if you miss a day. Hey, you are after all, on holidays. Your body will survive and you will not lose all your progress.. Just don’t let the missed days pile up and become a bad holiday habit!


Andy Lewis is a Certified Fitness Professional who owns and operates TCB Fitness located in west Edmonton.

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