TCB FITNESS: Music While You Workout

What is it that we love about music? What is it that affects us in a way that it connects emotionally on so many levels? It can be uplifting, power charging, rejuvenating or it can be there with us in times of sadness, anger or frustration.

How about music when we train? No doubt, you have seen people running, cycling, walking or working out with headphones on. What about being in a gym where the music is blasting or perhaps it is loud enough to be background noise. Whicheve TCB FITNESS: Play that funky musicr example you can relate to, one thing is certain, that playing music while you exercise can make a difference!

For those who listen to their ipods and mp3 players, you know what I am talking about. Your favorite workout songs when you want them, at the volume you want them and as a way to focus and shut out the outside world. Psychologically for me, it is quite different and can even be challenging not to have my ipod on while training. My mood varies, therefore so does my song selection. I have a workout playlist of over 40 songs and I usually keep it on random. Lately though, I have chosen one song and kept it on repeat for my entire workout! That is what helped me find my groove and got me going so I run with it. Kid Rock’s “Celebrate”, James Brown’s “Sex Machine” and “Super Bad” have been the repetitive players recently. What works for you?

Many gyms have their own music system playing. I have found that more of the “hardcore” gyms I have been to  TCB FITNESS: Play that funky music play louder, heavier “hardcore” music (go figure!) The health clubs usually have a mix of new and older music.

For some, they simply are not music people. Others may have honestly not considered using music as an aid to boost their mood and/or productivity while engaging in physical activity. If you fall into either of these categories and are looking for something to boost your mood, give it a shot! Most people’s smart phones have capabilities to be used as a music player or you can invest in something small like an ipod mini. Create a playlist using songs that get you pumped and energized! Whether it is some rock, dance or techno, set them up according to the flow of your workout. Want the feeling of “oh, this song! I love this song!” and kick it into high gear, then hit random. Figure out what works for you and make it work!

One final thought, to both the headphone wearers and those facilities that play their music with the volume on “10”: we engage in physical activity for a variety of reasons, but one usually near the top of the list is to be healthy. The last time I checked, the ears are part of our body. Hearing is important. Headphone wearers, I know many of you want that music blasting through your brain as you train, but TURN IT DOWN! You should not be walking through a change room and have people sing along with what you are listening to! Gym owners/managers, I am sure you want to build an energetic environment for people to workout in, but with more people using personal headphones when they workout, perhaps you could TURN YOUR MUSIC DOWN. Headphones would not have to be on so loud and people can not only improve their bodies, but preserve their ears too.


Andy Lewis is a Certified Fitness Professional who owns and operates TCB Fitness located in west Edmonton.

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